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Kenwood KM020 Major Kitchen Machine

Introduction to the Kenwood KM020 Major Kitchen Machine \u0026 Mixer available from


Kenwood KM023 Major Titanium Food Processor Machine + Attachments review

Buy here\u0026tag=movitraifilmi-21\u0026linkCode=as2\u0026camp=1634\u0026creative=6738\u0026creativeASIN=B0083VUR7O

Attachments reviewed;
Liquidiser AT3390
Glass Multi Mill AT320A
Meat Mincer/Grinder AT950A
Citrus Press AT960
Continuous Juicer AT641
Electronic Scale AT750
Ice Cream Maker AT956A
Roto Food Cutter AT642
Grain Mill A941
Food Processor AT640
Pasta Roller AT970A
Pasta Maker A910
Pasta Maker A910 Screens

This Kenwood Major comes with numerous attachments already in the pack, which are usually sold separately. Included are; thermo heat resistant liquidiser, weighing scales, glass multi mill, food processor, meat mincer/grinder and citrus juicer
The 6.7 L bowl is able to handle large amounts of dough or mix which is ideal for bread and cakes
A powerful 1500 watts motor is designed to handle large amounts effortlessly, and the variable speed control means that mixing speeds can be increased gradually for better control
The machine features 4 power outlets which are designed to take the attachments, offering a great range of flexibility
Kenwood 5 year guarantee-simply register your product to receive it. See promotional details below. Kenwood machines are designed as an investment, offering the users a long lasting kitchen machine

Product No: OWKM023021




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